8 reasons to visit the South Island in winter

8 reasons to visit the South Island in winter

Every year I get a handful of messages from people mapping out their New Zealand winter itinerary and each person always asks the same question. Is it worth going to the South Island in the winter?

Listen, I get it. You see New Zealand on a map and you see how far south the South Island is and you can’t help but imagine spending your entire holiday trudging through an icy winter tundra. But here’s the thing: New Zealand is a pretty small country and the North Island is not that incredibly far or different from the South Island. In fact, with the North Island humidity, frizzy haired people like myself will argue that the South Island is actually preferable all year round. Plus, there are significantly less people around in winter. You have the place to yourself.

As an ardent lover of seasons, I’ll argue that ALL South Island seasons are magnificent and deserving of your precious holiday time but it’s time for winter to have its moment. It’s time we give this magical season all the attention and glory it deserves.

I wrote a guest post on this very topic over at Young Adventuress, which you can read here. Click through to read my top 8 reasons for visiting the South Island in the winter.


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