9 ways hiking in New Zealand will change your life

9 ways hiking in New Zealand will change your life

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a hiking mecca. With the world-renowned fiords, ancient rainforests and even more ancient birds, with towering mountains that will blow you away, and impossibly complicated braided riverbeds, a quaint and classic backcountry hut system and some of the hardest and kindest people on the planet, hiking in New Zealand is guaranteed to be a life-changer for most who are ready to hit her trails. 

While it may sound cliche these days to say that we head back to nature to get off the grid to find ourselves, it’s because it actually still rings true, especially here in New Zealand.

One of the last pristine wilderness’ in the world, with views that defy imagination and make every grunty climb and long days on your feet worth it, New Zealand hiking pretty much guarantees at least one moment that will have a profound and positive impact on you, if not many.

Here are nine ways in which hiking in New Zealand will change your life. Enjoy!

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