10 of the most iconic backcountry huts on the South Island

10 of the most iconic backcountry huts on the South Island

There are a lot of things to love about New Zealand.

The endless soundtrack of birdsong playing from sunrise to sundown. The plethora of terrain and ecosystems densely compacted into a relatively tiny block of land. The turquoise blue braided river beds, the cascading waterfalls at every turn, the pods of dolphins greeting you while you swim in the sea. The fact that people routinely walk through cafes and supermarkets barefoot (seriously this happens and is amazing and borderline concerning).

But perhaps the thing that makes New Zealand stand out from every other country in the world is its unparalleled system of well-maintained huts which has offered shelter and refuge to generations of trampers (kiwi for hikers), mountaineers, scientists, hunters and all other walks of life who move through the mountains and backcountry.


If hut bagging is on your New Zealand bucket list, be sure to check out these amazing backcountry huts.

Bask in their glory and treat them with kindness and please, for the love of god, pay your DOC fees. These huts are not free and supporting the Department of Conservation means ensuring decades more of hut maintenance and upkeep.

Here are 1o of New Zealand’s most iconic backcountry huts on the South Island. Enjoy!

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