New Years Resolutions 2017

1. Don’t commit to things you don’t actually want to do. 
2. Let go of the grudge. Don’t expel energy holding anger towards a person who isn’t even thinking about you. 
3. Call your family.
4. Buy gifts for people you love for no particular occasion.
5.Don’t feel guilty about spending money on road trips.
6. Use your brain more and Google less.
7. Eat more artichokes.
8. Run further.
9. Kiss someone you adore.
10. Cut ties with people who leave you unsatisfied and emotionally conflicted.
11. Make up your mind.

And above all, remember that the division of time into 12 arbitrary months is a human invention. This year, like all years, will come one day at a time and every day, not just January 1st, is a day for growth and resolution.

Happy New Year!

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